Achieve Infrastructure Zen.

Declare once, deploy anywhere.
Moncc operates your entire stack.
So you can Zen.
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moncc is a container orchestration platform which combines ease of use of Heroku with architectural freedom of Kubernetes.

With moncc you declare the stack and how it fits together.

That’s it. Moncc will compose and deploy everything so you can Zen.

Compose and deploy complete stacks
from our hub

a runtime and container orchestrator that reads our language, composes your stack, and deploys it wherever you want.

Moncc Hub

a registry loaded with your favourite stacks and components, available off the shelf.


one composable Yaml template language to rule all things cloud.

Deploying with moncc is simple.


Find pre-packaged components and entire stacks in Moncc Hub.

Override any setting with just a few lines of YAML to make it work for you. Describe your app and package it with all the dependencies.

With just one command, deploy your cluster to multiple clouds and machines. Update, scale and inspect your deployments wherever they are.


Accelerate Deployment

Moncc deploys ~20% faster than DockerHub.

Deploy Anywhere

Moncc runs on every cloud and will migrate your whole stack between them on command.

Engineer Product, Not

Moncc takes over engineering infrastructure for you, returning hours and days every week to engineers.

Decouple Clouds

change your cloud provider at will to save costs or for better resources or because they're nicer to you.

Stop Reinventing

use pre-configured components and entire stacks to compose your own.

Environment Unification

Moncc templates are highly portable and can spin identical stacks in seconds.

Compose and deploy stacks from the biggest open source projects
and official suppliers